Some of the history was documented by Albert Belk, a former Chairman and President, at the time he was writing to fellow members in 1972 putting forward a proposition for the members to purchase the club. Other elements of the history of Dore Club have come from current members, some of whom have been members for the last 60 years.

After the First World War our present building, then a barn was taken over by a group of local men who formed a British Legion Club, the club was then licensed and operated as a British Legion Club, affiliated to the main body. I believe the year was 1922. The Club premises then belonged to a local Storekeeper a Mr. Thomas Marshall who gave the Club a tenancy and this continued as a local Legion Club until and during the Second World War.

After the Second World War the Members of the Club who were predominantly ex-servicemen decreased and in 1948 the Club, as a British Legion Club ceased to operate as such for reasons which concerned the British Legion constitution.

On cessation a few of the Members of the old Club decided to form a private Club so as to continue what was considered to be an amenity to the village, they formed the Dore Club which commenced forthwith as the old British Legion ceased to exist.

That was the commencement of the present Club in 1950, the amenities of which you now enjoy. The premises were rented from Mrs. Marshall, the widow of the original landlord, until she died around 1952, when the property was sold by Executors to the Hope and Anchor Brewery Co. Ltd. who became the new landlords of the Club.

The original steward of the club was Messrs S Taylor ably assisted by his son E Taylor, they continued together until the death of Shirley Taylor in the winter of 1952, his son carried on as steward until the summer of 1953. Bill Marshall who took up the position for the next 3 years followed him as steward, for many years after this he assisted in staffing the bar on regular occasions.

The property was sold in 1953 and although the original lease held by the members included an option to purchase this was not taken up for financial reasons. It was in this year ' Coronation Year ' that Albert Belk presented a Souvenir Coronation Teaspoon to all members children under the age of 15.

Some time later the Hope and Anchor Brewery Co. Ltd. were taken over by the Bass Charrington Group who subsequently issued a new lease to Dore Club to expire in 1975.

It was in 1956 that Chris Fearnehough became the Steward of the Club being asked by Albert Belk to take on the duties of Stewardship. Chris served as Steward for 43 years eventually standing down when Mick Naylor took over. In 2000.

At the AGM of March 1958 it was proposed, seconded and carried that any member found to leave his car in such a manner in the car park so as to obstruct the passage of others, he would be fined 1 shilling, to be put in the charity box ( at that time Fairthorn Homes ). I propose to inspect the car park at regular intervals and suggest that the fine now be £1 !!

During 1972 Bass Charrington notified the Members of Dore Club Committee that they would not be willing to renew the lease for the premises it was presumed at the time that the premises were surplus to requirement and would be sold to the highest bidder.

Albert Belk President at the time stated "As I am advised, the position now is that the Brewery may well sell to someone who will obtain Planning Permission for development and who may well serve Notice

To Quit on the Club for reasons of demolition and reconstruction, we shall have no right to object and the position would be that Dore Club would cease to exist"

Faced with the unsavory thought of losing the Club the then Committee entered into negotiations with the Brewery, in fact they had made an approach somewhat unsuccessfully 2 years before. At this point progress was made with the Brewery agreeing to sell the property to Dore Club resulting in a firm of Surveyors and Valuers representing the Club meeting with a valuer representing Bass Charrington. The two respective values were somewhat different with one valuing the property as a Social Club the other viewing it as potential residential development land in Dore. A price to purchase was eventually agreed, £8,000, with Jim Bennett and Derek Fry representing the club.

The club had funds to the value of £4,000 over and above that required for the normal running of the Club, to meet the shortfall several options were considered and were put to the Members at the Annual General Meeting on the 22nd March 1972:

  1. To allow the Club to fold up at the end of the lease on 31st December 1975
  2. To try and secure sufficient financial backing from Members and Bank to enable the Members to purchase the property.
  3. To ask the Brewery to lend the shortfall accepting whatever ties accompanied the loan and providing acceptable Guarantors.

Sufficient money was raised and the Club was subsequently purchased from the Brewery.

In 1966 D Milne took over as Chairman of the Club with Albert Belk remaining President until he passed away on 19th December 1975 having given many years service to Dore Club. D Milne served as Chairman until April 1975 when John Booth was elected as chairman, as many members know John carried on in this role until April 1998, after 23 years he chose to retire partly due to ill health. At the AGM of 1998 Allen Bentley took over as Chairman of the Dore Club with John Booth as President. John served in that roll until he passed away in 2005. In April 2006 Allen Bentley resigned as chairman to take up the position of President, Sean Collins was elected Chairman. In 2008 Nick Hensby was elected Chairman.

Details of the Club AGM are documented well, dating back to the inaugural meeting on 26th July 1950. The records do show that past meetings were attended well with varying topics of discussion. One particular topic being the concern over extended snooker games, this was discussed heartily for several years before the decision was made to install a pay clock at the AGM of 1984.

A further financial challenge presented itself to the management committee of the club during the early nineties, the roof had reached a state of disrepair such that it needed replacing. Funding the project was a problem but with donations and loans received from members along with monies generated from profits sufficient funds were realised and indeed a new roof became a reality in 1994.


In 2016 the clubs' outside store was rebuilt, (before it fell down) adding a new pitched roof, access to the main building, and doubling the size of our club. At the same time a new beer cellar was built & the bar was refurbished.


The club has a legal membership ceiling of 200, we have 135 members as of today and I look forward to having a full membership and a waiting list as we did in the late Eighties.

Dore Club
Townhead Road
S17 3GA

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