Dore Club is one of the last all male bastions, it is a friendly social environment where gentlemen can enjoy some very fine ales or our extensive whiskey shelf. It's a place to just unwind, away from the drama of modern life & the distractions of mobile phones etc. A rare place where you can just drop in without any prearranged plans, as there is always new & old friends to chat to & put the world to rights or enjoy a game of snooker.

 At our open days, we celebrate the support from our female companions by inviting them to join us on several occasions throughout the year, as we know they also appreciate the club, calling it Dore Men's' Crèche; as they can leave us in there safe in the knowledge we won't get into (much) trouble or stray into the possible temptations of a mixed sex environment.

Both men & women actually need & benefit from being in their own spaces from time to time & Dore Club offers that opportunity.

We currently have 130 members, mainly from Dore and Totley, but some do come from as far away as Wales!

If you are interested in joining Dore Club then please come in and have a chat or contact us via the contacts page.

Opening hours

Monday 8pm - midnight - Free Snooker lights

Tuesday 8pm - midnight

Wednesday 8pm - midnight - Free Snooker lights

Thursday 8pm - midnight

Friday 6pm - midnight

Saturay 8pm - midnight

Sunday Lunch 12:30pm  - 2:30pm

Sunday 8pm - midnight - Cheese Night

Lord Mayor