Dore Club is one of the last all male bastions, it is a friendly social environment where gentlemen can enjoy some very fine ales or our extensive whiskey shelf. It's a place to just unwind, away from the drama of modern life & the distractions of mobile phones etc. A rare place where you can just drop in without any prearranged plans, as there is always new & old friends to chat to & put the world to rights or enjoy a game of snooker.

 At our open days, we celebrate the support from our female companions by inviting them to join us on several occasions throughout the year, as we know they also appreciate the club, calling it Dore Men's' Crèche; as they can leave us in there safe in the knowledge we won't get into (much) trouble or stray into the possible temptations of a mixed sex environment.

Both men & women actually need & benefit from being in their own spaces from time to time & Dore Club offers that opportunity.

We currently have 130 members, mainly from Dore and Totley, but some do come from as far away as Wales!

If you are interested in joining Dore Club then please come in and have a chat or contact us via the contacts page.


Club Re-Opening

Gentlemen, the time has come for us to open up again.

Saturday 4th July - 8pm

Things will be different and the committee requests that all members adhere to our new guidelines and please be patient as this is all new and no doubt we will have issues, which can be addressed as we go along, but as long as members realise that we are now on a different journey at the moment we can get back to enjoying the club again.

What we expect from all members -

SAFETY FIRST - If you or any of your household display any of the symptoms associated with COVID - 19, then we respectfully request you DO NOT visit the Club..

RESPECT OTHERS - We ask that all members respect the space  of all other members and STAFF. The building has a few narrow areas like the entrance lobby and door leading to the back room. Give way to people on these areas rather than squeezing through.

BE PATIENT - Things will be different, please allow a little extra time for drinks to be served. We are trying to make YOUR club as safe as we can for everybody.

TRACK AND TRACE - Our commitment to the government program means we will keep a list of members who visit the club. We will hold this information for a minimum of 21 days and ask that members appreciate that this is to ensure everyones continued safety.

When entering the Club please ensure you use the hand sanitiser which is located on the wall inside the lobby ( a further sanitiser is located on the wall on the way through to the back room which should be used as and when required )

We have a maximum capacity inside the club of 22, this is dictated by the distancing of chairs(NO STANDING ALLOWED), we have space for 16 people in the back room and 6 in the bar area.(hopefully this number will still allow all members who wish to visit to be accommodated, (if we do reach capacity it will be like Christmas Day lunchtime, everyday)

There will be a notice board outside the front door which will show if we are FULL, if this is the case you will need to sit outside on the garden benches, maximum of 2 people per bench, unless of course you are from the same household,  you may still of course enter the Club to order your drinks, but you MUST NOT delay your return outside.

In the initial period of opening ONLY MEMBERS WILL BE ALLOWED, PLEASE THEREFORE DO NOT BRING ANY GUESTS TO THE CLUB, this includes sitting outside, this will be reviewed at the next committee meeting and may be amended depending on footfall, don't forget we are a private members  club and its important we ensure as many members as possible are able to visit the club.

We will only be accepting payment by either card or from your bar account. If for any reason you are unable to use these payment methods we will accept a minimum of £20 cash that will be loaded to your account, NO CHANGE GIVEN so we are not handling unnecessary amounts of notes and coins.

Please ensure you adhere to the zones marked by tape on the floors and under no circumstances should chairs to be moved.

Snooker will not be permitted, again this will be kept under review.

Both toilets will be used, please ensure only 1 member uses the toilet next to the snooker table at anyone time.



All members who have paid monies in advance will have £6 credited to their bar account for your 2 free pints.

Many thanks to all members who have continued to support the Club by keeping your Bonus Ball & Meat draws up to date during these difficult times.

FINALLY, things will be different, how we operate will evolve over time, please be courteous to all other members and staff and adhere to the guidelines and also any instructions given by THE STAFF so we can continue to enjoy the club.


Monday 8pm - midnight - Free Snooker lights

Tuesday 8pm - midnight

Wednesday 8pm - midnight - Free Snooker lights

Thursday 8pm - midnight

Friday 6pm - midnight

Saturay 8pm - midnight

Sunday Lunch 12:30pm  - 2:30pm

Sunday 8pm - midnight 


Sickleholme 2019

Dore Club
Townhead Road
S17 3GA

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